JPS DF Regional drilling fluids laboratory is capable of running the following:


  • Evaluation of drilling fluids according to API and OCMA specifications.
  • Corrosion testing at elevated temperature and pressure.
  • Rheological testing suspensions, polymer solutions and Newtonion fluids
  • Analytical wet chemistry techniques in titration, pH determination, anionic and cationic
  • Surfactant concentration, specific ion concentration.
  • UV/ Visible measurement for determining chemical species.
  • Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

 JPS Portable Labs and Lab Equipment Service

JPS developed its Portable laboratories/workshops designed with accredited manufacturing facilities with the following features:

  • Mobile laboratories/workshops complying to oilfield specifications
  • Rigged construction and easy to transport
  • Complete set of test kits, tools, reagents available with several options with door to door delivery

Regional  Laboratory  Facility

JPS Drilling Services developed its mobile mud laboratories with the following features:

Mobile mud laboratories complying to oilfield specifications.

Rigged construction and easy to transport

Complete set of test kits and reagents available as optional

Screen showing all the mud parameters such as but not limited to pit volumes, mud density in/out and all drilling parameters as well.