Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE)

“Our basic obligation is to comply with global HSE standards, as well as

all applicable laws and regulations where we operate”

HSE Management System
The JPS HSE Management System highlights the way we conduct our business and operations which aims to protect our employees, customers, and the environment.

Management communicates the HSE philosophy to all employees, customers, and third parties associated with our business, and each JPS organization must provide positive evidence of conformance to the system.

The HSE Management System model comprises seven interrelated components:

  • Commitment and Leadership
  • Policies and Objectives
  • Organization Resources and Documentation
  • Risk Evaluation and Management
  • Planning
  • Implementation Recording and Monitoring
  • Audit and Review
  • These are continuously improved by conformance checks: Controls, Correction, and Improvement.

HSE Policy Statement
The long-term success JPS achieved depends on three basic factors: Quality of products and/or services provided, consistently built system, and continuous auditing. This is done with the fact that JPS cares for the health and safety of our employees and customers, and the protection of our property and environment.

We are committed to:

  • Impose the safety instructions to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health
  • Provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities
  • Provide adequate training to ensure employees are competent to do their work
  • Engage and consult with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions and provide advice and supervision on occupational health
  • Implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Set Quality & HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective management system;
  • Provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage use of substances

This Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability. The commitments listed are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with global standards, as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate. This is critical to our business success because it allows us to systematically minimize all losses and adds value for all our stakeholders.