JPS business scope is not limited to provision of oil field services but also JPS is capable of providing  logistical, representation, administration and supply chain services.


Having service companies to work in a strategic partnership manner with them, JPS is able to deliver their technologies to end users in the Middle East.


JPS can work closely with service companies to meet their requirements of having warehouses, workshops, accommodations, transportation, security, supply chain and any other required administrative services.

JPS is the legal Agent for Silverwell Energy Ltd. in UK.

Oil Base Mud Plant

JPS Drilling Fluid Services is capable of providing  Oil Base Mud (OBM) plant including:

  • Design the storage facility
  • Supply of tanks & pumps
  • Installation
  • Operation & maintenance

Bulk Plant

JPS Drilling Fluid Services is capable of  Designing, Installing, Operating & maintaining of Bulk Plant with:

  • Bulk Silos
  • Cutting pods
  • Air Compressors
  • Operation & maintenance

Dual POD Filtration Units

JPS Drilling Fluid Services can provide the Dual pod cartridge filter unit which is designed for a wide range of liquid filter applications in the oil and gas exploration and production.

  • Duo-Filter design with inter-connected piping allows continuous operation.
  • Series,  parallel or individual operation through manifold system allows pre and final filtration in one pass.
  • Convenient operating platform allows safe filter change out.

Polymer Shearing Unit

  • JPS Drilling Fluid Services provide Turbo Shearing Unit that is designed for mixing / shearing polymers and also Bentonite.
  • The turbo shear unit eliminates “fish eyes”, blends any dry chemical in to a liquid stream quickly, efficiently and economically and produces thoroughly blended solution.


  • Shear Unit is made of Carbon steel and internally coated with two coats of Ceramic Paint for durability.
  • Combination of Jet shear with hopper on one skid.
  • Can be installed practically anywhere on the rig.
  • The unit operates by a split stream technique that generates counter rational motion as the fluid entering the shear point resulted in thorough blending of chemicals into the drilling mud.
  • Mixing dry materials with liquids, as well as blend, emulsify and stabilize liquid / liquid phases.

Chemical Injection Pumps

JPS Drilling Fluid Services can provide double headed air/ gas operated chemical injection units mounted on skid with chemical reservoirs.


  • Injection pressure up to 1500 psi can be achieved with air/ gas pressure of 50 psi
  • Built in  Pump set gauge to adjust the desired flow rate.
  • Stainless steel reservoir and piping.
  • Skid mounted.

Solids Control Equipment

JPS DF Centrifuge:

  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Bowl drive independent stepless variable 0 -  3,400 rpm
  • Scroll drive independent stepless variable
  • Control – Integrated safety cut-outs    explosion proof control panel.
  • G-force 3180
  • Skid mounted
  • 3Ph, 460 V, 60 Hz.


Progressive cavity pump:

  • Capacity 30 – 180 gpm
  • 10 Hp variable
  • 85 ft head
  • Belt drive mechanism


Three/ Four  Panel Screen Frame

I-Beam Support Structure

Explosion Proof Electrics

Linear Motion Shale Shaker


Electrical A.W.D.:

Standard Screen Underflow Sump

Top Feeder without Back Tank

Solids Collection Pan

Desander Cone Unit

Desilter Cone Unit

2 x Super G2X  Vibrator Motors (7.3 Gs)

Oil Bath Lubrication System

Ramp-Lok Assembly

Single Side Tensioning System

460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.

Bulk Trailers & MUD Transport Containers

Bulk Trailers:

  • Capacity up to 30 MT
  • Equipped with hoses and air compressors


Mud Transport Containers:

  • Units designed , manufactured and certified to DNV 2.7-1/ EN 12079 standards
  • All carbon steel materials ASTM A36/BS 4360 -43 A/43D/Dinst 37.2/equivalent
  • Fabricated with 4mm crimped plate
  • 4 point pad eyes and forklift point provided
  • Optional mid shelf available
  • Standard door fittings/ door seals